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Boss VF-1 Vocal Multi (Vocal Channel Strip) Boss VF-1 Vocal Multi (Vocal Channel Strip)
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Boss VF-1 Vocal Multi (Vocal Channel Strip)

A complete vocal channel strip with compressor & limiter, de-esser, equalizer, enhancer, delay, reverb, modulation fx, separate chorus and noise suppressor is part of Boss VF-1 algorithms.

I mean if you already own an unused Boss VF-1 then you can lend it to your singer. It cannot replace a "real" vocal channel strip. But, if your singer only owns his voice and a Shure SM-58 then it's better to use the Boss VF-1 Vocal Multi algorithm than going straight to the mixer! You'll get a better reverb, can brighten (enhance) or thicken (compress) the voice.

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