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Boss VF-1 Tape Echo201 (Roland RE-201 Space Echo) Boss VF-1 Tape Echo201 (Roland RE-201 Space Echo)
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Boss VF-1 Tape Echo201 (Roland RE-201 Space Echo)

Design of the Roland RE-201

The Roland RE-201 Space Echo contains a tape drive - therefore Tape Echo - with three tape heads and a spring reverb. A mode switch activates the three tape heads and / or the spring reverb in fixed combinations. Mode 1 - 4 only echo, mode 5 - 11 echo + reverb and mode 12 only reverb. The reverb and echo volumes of the Roland RE-201 Space Echo can be adjusted separatly. With an intensity control you can adjust the feedback and herewith the number of echo repeats. A rate pot give you the possibility to change the tape speed. Furthermore the Roland RE-201 Space Echo has a bass and treble control and volume controls for the three inputs.

Boss VF-1 Tape Echo 201

Boss omitted the reverb of the Roland RE-201 Space Echo. But the mode control of the Boss VF-1 Tape Echo 201 not only has four positions, but seven! Therefore all posible combinations of the three tape heads can be activated - 1; 2; 3; 1+2; 1+3; 2+3; 1+2+3. Furthermore the Roland RE-201 Space Echo simulation provides a TAPE DIST control which adjusts the distortion caused by the tape and WOW RATE & WOW DEPTH knobs which controls frequency variations caused by an old tape. An additional gimmick are pan controls which arrange the three tape heads in the stereo images. Bass and treble control as well as FX LEVEL and DIR LEVEL complete the possibilities.
However, a point of criticism is that the Boss VF-1 Tape Echo 201 only has a mono input and that there is no possiblity to sync it to MIDI CLOCK!

Sound of the Boss VF-1 Tape Echo 201

At the beginning of the 90's we used an old Monacor tape echo and we were glad to replace it with a digital delay. Now we have the opportunity to get this old sound, but without the inadequate mechanics. The sound is just amazing, heard on thousands of old albums. It's not comparable with digital delays because it produces a sound of its own. If you attach great importance to an exact simulation or if you need a stereo unit, you should also look at the Boss RE-20 Twin Pedal.

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