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Reamping mit dem Boss GT-10 per External Effects Loop ReAmping your guitar with the external effects loop of the Boss GT-8 / GT-10
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ReAmping your guitar with the external effects loop of the Boss GT-8 / GT-10


Reamping means to record the clean guitar signal without any effects or amps. Then the recorded clean guitar can be played through any possible effects and amps combination until you get the desired sound.

The problem is that it is almost impossible to play a clean tapping guitar solo. Therefore you need to split the signal path into two parts.  The first for the recording and the second is connect to the effects and the amp of the guitarist.

For this to do we don't need any special hardware. Only the external effects loop of our Boss GT-8 / GT-10.

Programming the external effects loop

The external effects loop must be at the beginning of the fx chain and has to be set in the correct mode.

  1. Push FX CHAIN 
  2. Push LOOP.
  3. Push EXIT. Now the loop is at the beginning of the fx chain.
  4. Push LOOP.
  5. Choose Mode: Branch Out
  6. Push EXIT.

Now you can connect the external effects loop send to your recorder.

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Reply #2 on : Sun March 14, 2010, 09:38:05
Hi Adrian,

see article 4 cable method
Reply #1 on : Fri March 12, 2010, 10:25:34
hi i was wondering i f you cld help.
I have a bossgt-8 and a marshall half stack. mg100hdfx head and cab how do i wire it up correctly. i cant seem to use the efx loops correctly i know both amp and pedal work? please assist

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