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Fetter druckvoller Sound aus dem Boss GT-10 mithilfe des Tone Modify Resonator Using the Tone Modify Resonator of the Boss GT-10 or GT-8 for a fat guitar sound from the mixer

Using the Tone Modify Resonator of the Boss GT-10 or GT-8 for a fat guitar sound from the mixer

Here we'll use the guitar amp models of the Boss GT-10, because they simulate our none existing guitar amp. In doing so we'll notice that the guitar amp models are a bit thin sounding. A lot of highs and only a few low mids is not what we expect from our guitar through the Boss GT-10 or GT-8.  But, in fact it's okay, because when listening to our favorite artists albums we can recognize a nice transparent sound, too.
This is achieved by reducing the lows and low mids of your guitar. Because in this frequency spectrum there are the bass, bass drum and the voice of the singer.

But, what if we want to get a fat sounding guitar from our Boss GT-10?

Well, use the resonator and the custom speakers of the boss gt-10 & gt-8.

  • Custom speakers: 1x12“ or 2x12“ open back for clean sounds and 4x12“ or 8x12“ closed back for distorted sounds. Try the 13" and 14" custom speakers, too.
  • Tone modify: Place the tone modify modul behind the preamp and select one of the three resonators. In the internet you can find statements that resonator 1 sounds like an EV, resonator 2 like a Jensen and resonator 3 like a Celestion speaker. Whatever, try using resonator 3 because it's likely that it doesn't collide with your bassist. Leave bass at 0 and try highs at 20-25.
  • Mic Position: Modify the mic position. Closer to the center means more highs! Off-Axis less highs!

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Best GT tip ever!
Reply #1 on : Tue January 05, 2010, 14:59:21
Thanks! The resonator tip is the best tip I have seen to open up the flat sound of the GT 10. It makes a world of difference.

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