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Gitarren-Verstärker für das Boss GT-10 bzw. GT-8 Using a guitar amp with your Boss GT-10 or GT-8
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Using a guitar amp with your Boss GT-10 or GT-8

Using the overdrive effect without a preamp model 

Of course you can use the Boss GT-8 or GT-10 like every other multi-effect device from the '90th. Connect it to a clean guitar amp and only use the available overdrive and distortion models, but not the preamp models. With 30 different overdrive and distortion models - in the '90th I had an Ibanez PT3DX with 6 overdrive/distortion models - you should be able to get every needed sound from blues to rock to metal. Important is that your amp has a good sounding clean channel. Fine tuning can be done with the Boss GT EQ and/or the FX1 tone modify modul.
Everyone who claims that you need an overdriven tube amp in order to get a good distorted sound, should think about the old rockers of the '70th and '80th. They didn't have a Rectifier or 5150. Instead of, they used a clean or crunchy Fender, Vox or Marshall amp with an overdrive/distortion pedal! Don't try to imitate a Rectifier with the preamp models of the boss gt-8 or gt-10 through a Fender amp! It won't work.
Use the overdrive and distortion models of the Boss GT-10 and get your sound with a clean amp.

This will give you a prominent sound which can set standards. And it's much better than imitating the PRS Rectifier sound everywhere used in modern music.

What did I want to tell you? Using the Boss GT-10 or GT-8 with a guitar amp is possible and can give you surprisingly good sounds. But don't use the preamp models with a real guitar amp when connecting to the normal guitar input.

Use the Boss GT-10 / GT-8 like your old stompboxes.

Using the preamp effect

You can use the preamp effect with your guitar amp, but then you should bypass the build in preamp of your guitar amp. Therefore connect the Boss GT-10 / GT-8 to the effects return of your amp. This is done because the preamp colors your sound and you don't want to get the sound of your amp but the sound of the Boss GT. Your amp will still color the sound because a 1 x 12" combo speaker can't sound like a 8 x 12" stack. But if you use an amp suitable for your music then e.g. you will get a sound close to a Rectifier from your Marshall stack. It's even possible to get a descent clean sound from your Rectifier using a clean preamp of the Boss GT.

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external effects
Reply #39 on : Thu March 14, 2013, 20:44:40
How can I use additional effect pedals with my GT-10 running into a Fender Twin? Between tne GT and the amp? External loop on the back of the GT10? Any response will help! Thanks!
Reply #38 on : Wed June 27, 2012, 08:49:33
I don't know your amp. Therefore I would suggest to listen to a CD, on GT10 select an amp which is probably used on this CD and then try the differenct output modes.
output setting for gt-10
Reply #37 on : Wed June 27, 2012, 08:25:11
im using boss gt-10 with a ZAR E-20R guitar amp.can u plz tell what would b the output selection from gt-10 for this amp??
Reply #36 on : Wed January 18, 2012, 21:23:35
Only idea I have is to use the ac-processor.
But I don't own an e-guitar with piezo pickup
Reply #35 on : Wed January 18, 2012, 21:15:44
Use the GT-10 in front of the Bassman and try the overdrives.
A second possibiliy is to set output to combo amp try the amp models
Last Edit: January 18, 2012, 21:18:16 by Arne  
Boss GT-10 + Fender Strat with LRBagg Piezo acoustic bridge
Reply #34 on : Sun January 15, 2012, 11:16:27
Hi, my gear are Boss GT-10 + Fender Strat with LRBagg Piezo acoustic bridge

I want to seek your suggestion how I set the preamp or effect can make the acoustic sound better?

I can make it very good in my Line 6 X3 Live. but cannot set a good sound in GT-10

Still finding a solution...

Reply #33 on : Tue January 10, 2012, 11:07:45
Hi Arne,

Great info you give here

I just bought a secondhand GT-10 and I have an old Fender Bassman 100 (very clean tube amp) which looks like this.

There's no effects loop (at least not written on it) but I can jump channel 1 through channel 2 or the other way around.
Could I use this for the 4cm?

If not? What woud be the next best solution for me to use?
M Alsadeqi
Reply #32 on : Tue October 25, 2011, 13:43:39
Hi. I use both the gt8 and gt10 and although I have my own sound, I would like using these to get sounds close to some of my favourite guitaris ,specifically Andrew Latimar of Camel, Petrucci, Greg Howe and Satriani. Any suggestions?
(I use a Marshall stack).
Thanks and regards
Orange Amp
Reply #31 on : Sat October 15, 2011, 18:26:07
Has it an external effects loop?
Then use the 4 cable method and boost the sound with the GT8 EQ within the effects loop.
Otherwise you can only use a compressor or overdrive (not distortion) in front of your amp to compress your solo sound a bit.
Sound louder
Reply #30 on : Wed October 12, 2011, 17:24:29

How can I boost my sound for solos? I'm using a GT8 Boss with a TH30 orange amp.I keep the GT8 preamp off so I can use the orange distortion.But with the preamp of the GT8 off the solo switch does not work.

I connect the guitar in the GT8 input than the GT8 output in the amp input.

What can you tell me about?

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