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Boss GT-10 & GT-8 Feedbacker Effekt Boss GT-10 & GT-8 Feedbacker
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Boss GT-10 & GT-8 Feedbacker

Certainly the feedbacker belongs to the category of "special" effects. For this reason I ignored the feedbacker a long time. But when playing in small pubs - of course not at full volume - the feedbacker can help us getting feedbacks, even when playing without distortion.
The newer effect devices like the Boss GT-10 or Boss GT-8 have a so called natural mode. If available please use the feedbacker in natural mode because (what suprise) it sounds more natural.

That's the way to do it:
We place the feedbacker in the FX-1 or FX-2 effect and programm the CTL pedal so that it switches the FX effect on and off. Then we move the feedbacker behind the preamp module. Try out some different rise time settings until you get a natural sound. At last we set the feedback level really high because natural feedback won't be quieter then our original guitar signal.

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