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Einstellung eines dynamischen High Gain Sounds im Boss GT-10 Dynamic Hi Gain Sound with the Boss GT-10
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Dynamic Hi Gain Sound with the Boss GT-10


In general playing rhythm guitar with high gain sounds is critical because distortion works like a compressor. You loose the dynamic of your playing. Therefore every good sound engineer will ask you to use less gain for your rhythm parts. I know this but nevertheless when playing palm mute riffs I tend to increase the gain in order to get a fat guitar sound.

Unfortunaly my accentuated riffs then sound like an organ. The notes are switched on and off, but there isn't left any dynamic. Then my first action is to increase the volume because otherwise my guitar is lost between the other instruments.

Gain Stages

In opposite to a distortion stompbox with one high gain op-amp good tube amps consist of several gain stages. Each gain stages amplifies the signal. And each gain stage increases the distortion, however only a bit! The difference between a crunchy Fender and a heavy Mesa Rectifier is the number of gain stages.

A lot of gain stages with little distortion are better than one high gain stage like the op-amps in the stompboxes.

Our Boss GT-10

We need to use as many gain stages as we can get. Therefore the GAIN SW is remains to MEDIUM and we use the Tube Screamer as another gain stage. If the bass strings sound muddy then we'll use the tone modify effect "FAT" in front of the Tube Screamer.
Important: Don't increase the gain of the preamp effect beyond 50!

Very True
Reply #1 on : Fri May 01, 2015, 09:47:34
All you metal heads, its true with distortion, less equals more. You can get a more aggresive tone with less Distortion. A good combo on the GT10 if Tube Screamer set at 30 infront of the Mashall Scooped dist set at 40. Sounds epic.

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