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Boss GT-10 / GT-8 Aux In per External Effects Loop Aux In with the External Effects Loop of the Boss GT-10

Aux In with the External Effects Loop of the Boss GT-10

In several forums i read the question about an "aux in" for the Boss GT-10 / GT-8. An "aux in" is used to insert a mp3 player signal so that we can play guitar through the Boss GT-10 to a song of the mp3 player.

Concerning this I thought about using the external effects loop return as an "aux in". You can set the mode of the external effects loop to "Direct Mix". The user manual tells that the signal from the return is mixed with the original signal which can be adjusted with the parameter "Return Level". And that's the functionality of an "Aux In"!

Because I don't want to get distortion or reverb on the mp3 signal, all I need to do is setting the external effect loop behind the used effects.

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Reply #3 on : Fri May 28, 2010, 05:36:18
The best way to get music through your GT 10 to play to is Via usb. Plug it into laptop or computer and your sorted. Btw, i tried it using the effects loop thing, and it sounds awful. that was before i knew about the USB thing! =)
Aux In
Reply #2 on : Mon June 15, 2009, 15:15:03
cool idea.
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Reply #1 on : Wed November 05, 2008, 13:25:33
Do you know whether send/return is stereo? I don't have the opportunity to check this out by myself at the moment: I’d like to connect my stereo-synth here and still use only two channels on the mixing desk. And if I put s/r behind the digital output section: will the signal still be digitized before it reaches the analog outputs? Guess so, unfortunately.

Grüße, Matthias

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