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Lautstärkeabhängiger automatischer Kompressor beim Boss GT-10 Boss GT-10 & GT-8 with level dependent automatic activation of the compressor
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Boss GT-10 & GT-8 with level dependent automatic activation of the compressor

Who don't know the problem? You play the first song with fingerpicking, the next song with a plectrum and the last one is much louder. Therefore my clean patch had a compressor assigned to the CTRL pedal. But, there's a much better way without the CTRL pedal.

The compressor can be automatically activated depending on the input level!

Programming the source and target values of the variable assigns

Select the first free variable assign:

  • Target Compressor On/Off
  • Target Min: On
  • Target Max: Off
  • Source: INPUT LEVEL
  • Source Mode: Normal (GT-8) / Moment (GT-10)
  • Source Act.Range Lo: 126
  • Source Act.Range Hi: 127

Then step forward in the variable assigns list to the last one and set "ASSIGN INPUT Sens" to an approriate value, so that the compressor switches on when playing softly.

How does it work?

The selected source (the input level) controls the target (the compressor). When the source is min. then the target switches to "Target Min". (in this case ON!) an when the source is max. then the target switches to max. (OFF).

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Marco Pregnolato
Reply #1 on : Sun March 29, 2009, 14:25:02
This setting is really useful! amazing! Thanks!

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