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Verstärker oder Full Range System für die Boss GT Serie, Line6 Pod oder Vox Tonelab Amps for the Boss GT Serie, Line6 Pod or Vox Tonelab
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Amps for the Boss GT Serie, Line6 Pod or Vox Tonelab

The available options

We can connect our Boss GT, Vox Tonelab or Line6 Pod to an already existent guitar amp. Furthermore we can use an full range system like a PA or keyboard amp. But we must pay attention to the correct output setting. When using a guitar amp which always colors the sound we should plug the modeler into the effects return of our amp instead of using the guitar amp input.

Guitar Amp

A lot of us think about a guitar amp as an essential part of our sound. When comparing a Fender and a Mesa Rectifier it's obvious that they sound different. This is the reason why we use a guitar amp dedicated to our music. And of course we feel much better having a guitar amp on stage.
But, the problem is that the guitar amp has it's own sound. Therefore it's not satisfying to amplify a Fender model through a Marshall. Especially the acoustic guitar simulations sound really bad through a guitar amp. Who plugs his acoustic guitar into his Rectifier?

Reasons using a guitar amp

  1. Our heavy metal band needs a backline full of marshalls. Furthermore we only use heavily distorted amp models which are well amplified by the marshall.
  2. We haven't got enough money. 
  3. We only use the distortion / overdrive block of our Boss GT-8 / GT-10, Pod or Tonelab and a clean amp. Like we would use stompboxes with an amp.

That means that we can use a guitar amp if it sounds close to the sound we want to get out of the Boss GT-8, Line6 Pod or Vox Tonelab. Since the preamp of our guitar amp will color the sound, always bypass the preamp and connect your modeler to the effects return of your amp. In this case we can use the preamps of our modeler with great success. But don't expect a nice clean Fender sound, when using a Fender preamp model through the power amp of a Rectifier. Also see using the Boss GT-8 / GT-10 with a guitar amp.

Full Range System

If we want to use the full potential of our Boss GT-8 / GT-10, Line6 Pod or Vox Tonelab then we'll need a full range system. A full range system like a stage monitor, PA or keyboard amp doesn't alter the sound. Therefore we'll get the sound the modeller creates. Now it's possible to use a clean Fender amp and an overdriven Mesa Rectifier and an acoustic guitar simulation with satisfying results.

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Cube 60
Reply #3 on : Wed February 03, 2010, 22:25:33
Try output select jc-120, small amp or combo amp.
gt10 through cube 60
Reply #2 on : Mon February 01, 2010, 21:32:43
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese i need help i got gt10 and ROLAND CUBE 60 and it doesnt hae send/return just the input whts the best way to use gt10's preamps modeling with the cube 60 ;(:(:( ???!!
Suitable Amp
Reply #1 on : Wed April 15, 2009, 04:52:44
I looked at power amps with cabs and bought the GT1200h stack based solely on price because I
needed it for a gig. I was pleasantly surprised.

The Crate GT1200H head and cabs are suited very well for use with modeling effects processors because on the clean channel it simply amplifies what you feed it. The cabs are not all that great straight out of the box but they can be had on the cheep. I have an upgraded cab with Eminence Red Coats in it and they are much more efficient than the stock speakers.

Bottom line this stack compliments the versatility of the GT-10 and Line 6 Pod products very well IMHO.

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