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Guitar Effects Devices

I explain the handling of guitar effects I own and I'll give you tips about these effect devices and in the future some tutorials e.g. about mixing & mastering. These tips & tutorials were partially found in the internet but most of them are from me. Wherever possible I'll give you the source address (URL) so that you can explore these sites, too (that means if I remember the URL). As already mentioned, the tips & tutorials are about effect devices I own, therefore

I'm looking for guys writing about their toys!

Who wants to share his tips about his favorite effects device, guitar, keyboard, bass or drum?
E.g. Line6 Pod, Vox Tonelab or Roland Fantom.

Contact me: k o n t a k t <at> x y c l . d e

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31-May-10 19:28
Firewire and USB Problems

Firewire or USB Audio interface doesn't work

My Alesis IO14 Firewire Interface works with my desktop pc & my old notebook. But with my new notebook (Intel Core2Duo) it produces a lot of crackles, clicks, distortion etc.

I bought a new firewire card with a Texas Instrument chipset. But no improvement.


My solution was to disable Intel Speedstep Technology.

23-Apr-10 15:34
Dynamic Crunch Sound

Tubes vs. Modeling

In a german forum a user looked for the possibility to control his Hughes and Kettner Tubeman 2 by his Boss GT-8. He said that he is using the Tubeman in the external effects loop of his Boss GT-8 especially for crunch sounds the Boss GT-8 isn't able to produce.

But is it true that the Hughes and Kettner Tubeman 2 produces a more dynamic crunch sound?

I own both, the Tubeman and the Boss GT-8.

25-Feb-10 14:55
Boss GT-10 Ducking Delay

Ducking Delay

A Ducking Delay is used to suppress the delay signal while playing guitar. That means that the delay is only audible during breaks.

Ducking Delay programmed via Variable Assigns of Boss GT-8 or Boss GT-10

Take a free variable assign and choose:

    * Target: Delay
    * Target DL: Effects Level
    * Target Min: 25 (which is the max.

25-Feb-10 12:20
Tight Punchy Bass with a Multiband Compressor


In contrast to an equalizer a multiband compressor is the key to rich bass. In addition to the increased bass response a multiband compressor also smooths dynamic peaks and thus gives us an even more professional sound.


You can imagine a multiband compressor as an equalizer with a built-in compressor. With a ratio of 1 you can use the gain knob of the multiband compressor as an equalizer. And with a ratio greater than 1, it still works like an equalizer.

25-Aug-09 20:19
Boss VF-1 Vocal Multi (Vocal Channel Strip)

A complete vocal channel strip with compressor & limiter, de-esser, equalizer, enhancer, delay, reverb, modulation fx, separate chorus and noise suppressor is part of Boss VF-1 algorithms.

I mean if you already own an unused Boss VF-1 then you can lend it to your singer. It cannot replace a "real" vocal channel strip.

15-Jun-09 17:53
Boss GT-8 & Boss GT-10 Equalizer Settings for a warm Sound


To be kind to Boss I would say that most of the preamp models are bit too bright sounding. I mean it's not what I call a warm sound.
My old Line6 Pod Pro had a lack of highs but it was more a dull sound than a warm sound. In contrast to the Line6 Pod Pro the Boss GT-8 & Boss GT-10 have to much highs which are also not warm sounding.


Use the equalizer to reduce the unnecessary highs for a warm sound without getting a dull sounding amp emulation.

09-Jun-09 11:33
Boss VF-1 Tape Echo201 (Roland RE-201 Space Echo)

Design of the Roland RE-201

The Roland RE-201 Space Echo contains a tape drive - therefore Tape Echo - with three tape heads and a spring reverb. A mode switch activates the three tape heads and / or the spring reverb in fixed combinations. Mode 1 - 4 only echo, mode 5 - 11 echo + reverb and mode 12 only reverb. The reverb and echo volumes of the Roland RE-201 Space Echo can be adjusted separatly. With an intensity control you can adjust the feedback and herewith the number of echo repeats.

08-Jun-09 18:48
Boss VF-1 Space Chorus (Roland SDD-320 Dimension D)

Construction of the Roland SDD-320 Dimension D

The Roland SDD-320 Dimension D was a 19" 2HE rack effect. It had 5 buttons. One red power switch and four buttons (numbered 1 to 4) which controlled the chorus sound. The four chorus buttons worked like radio buttons. But same smart muscians discovered that it was possible to push more than one button at once.

19-May-09 00:28
Boss GT Overdrive and Distortion Stompboxes

A lot of times I read about the bad overdrive and distortion modeling of the Boss GT series. But what's wrong with the overdrive / distortion block?

Everyone of us using real amps and distortion stompboxes knows that you cannot combine every distortion / overdrive stompbox with every amp. E.g. a shrill distortion stompbox doesn't sound good with a Fender amp.

23-Mar-09 22:03
Level dependent automatic activation of manual mode

On Stompbox.net a user presented a nice idea. The Boss GT-10 & Boss GT-8 can automatically switch between bank mode and manual mode! Manual mode when playing and bank mode when not playing.

This means that as long as we're playing we can e.g.

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